Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Superhero Lemonade

I was so excited that I got up extra early to make the
Superhero Lemonade

Here I am serving a Superhero sized Lemonade,
with Mega Super Powers

Here I am with my Superhero friend and
Lemonade Stand Partner, Davis

Here we are getting interviewed

Thank you to everyone who came out to support my very first National Lemonade Day stand on May 1st, 2011. In late March, my aunt told my ma, Ann, my cousin will be running her lemonade stand on National Lemonade Day. Ba drove me to One Green Street to pick up my very own lemonade backpack. While there, I decided to pick a backpack for my classmate, Davis Kent to operate the lemonade stand with me. I am six, what did I know about partnership. I kinda know why my Ma does her own thing now. You don't have to share the profits. LOL

After three business play dates to discuss ideas (theme, colors), signage (to color in the sign), logistics (setting up, equipment, business hours) and materials (cups, sugar, lime juice, change); we opened our Superhero Lemonade on Sunday at 10:50am. We received customers almost immediately.

Around 1pm, the official volunteers with the National Lemonade Day visited our stand for an interview. Partners, Davis and myself were present to answer lots of complicated questions. Loans and budget questions went unanswered since neither applied to us nor did we know what the heck they were talking about.

The easiest part of the business: making the lemonade (we measured and stirred like mad to mix it all up!)

The hardest part of the business: making the sign (took us 3 days to finish coloring!)

My first purchase was a Flemings burger for me and my two favorite mentors, my ma and ba.

I love this country and all of the opportunities if you are willing to take a challenge. The only things in life you will miss out on are the ones you did not go for.

Thank you again to all the supporters and the drive by honking!


  1. Logan, I am so excited about your story - and your stand. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. Many thanks to your sponsors and supporters as well.

    Please keep in touch with us at Lemonade Day and I hope you participate next year. We'll teach you about investors and loans next year! Can't wait to see how you apply the business lessons you learned from your lemonade stand in your own life!

    p.s. make sure you stash some of your earnings away in savings so next year you can be your own investor!


    Mandy with Lemonade Day

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