Thursday, September 17, 2009


while dressed in my s.w.a.t. uniform ready to use special tactics to take down anyone distrurbing noodle lovers at post oak today, ma called me to the kitchen to help out. we were almost '86' lettuce when produce arrived in the nic of time. everyone available needed to prep to bring the line back to order before the lunch rush. i boy-handled that knife, sliced and tossed the lettuce almost as fast as the kitchen manager, jorge. what would they have done without me? geeze, what kind of business are they running here? i was so happy to skip school to meet and greet guests today. thank you for supporting my noodle house!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Airport, HRW, SWAT

an airport with my name plastered everywhere!
my favorite outfit to wear everywhere..swat, my dream job.

supporting houston's restaurant week with my ma, ba and two of my favorite guncles (pepe & john).