Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Logan,

Mr. Logan, as he is affectionately referred to by his parents Jenni and Scott, is the resident expert on fun in the noodlehood. He loves his many fans and admirers. And would like to welcome any fantastic questions you might have in regards to the playful side of Jenni's Noodle House.

If you have a question for Mr. Logan this is the place to ask. Logan, Jenni and Scott will review your questions and post the answers here.


  1. Logan seems to have the scoop on the noodlehood.

  2. Dear Logan - what do I do? I can't decide between the salt-n-pepper shrimp and salt-n-pepper tofu!

  3. Oh My Gosh! look at my angel! HE IS CUTTING FOOD WITH A KNIFE! Hes grown up so fast in a blink of an eye. I SEND YOU ALL MY LOVE LOGAN!!!

    XXOXOXOO Brittany Stich!